To edit the retry settings in the dialer campaign go to the tab "Retry Settings" when editing the campaing.

Here you can configure how many times the system should automatically recall customer on specific system dispositions.

You can also configure the time between these calls.

It is not possible to add configuration for custom dispositions.

Global: total numbers of retries for the call. 

In this case, 2 No Answer + 2 Busy = 4 Global retries and the contact will be closed.

Congestion = The system reached max congestion

Busy = The customer was busy on the phone when the system dialed them

No Answer = The customer did not answer the call

No such number = The number to the customer is not existing or has been terminated

Drop = The customer answered the call, but there were no available agents to take the call so the system disconnected the customer.

Abandoned = The customer answered the call but hung up before being connected to an agent.

Machine = Answering machine answered the call (Only works if Automatic Answering Machine detection is ON)

Agent Rejected = Only in Preview mode if agent accepts a call and hangs up before the customer answers the call.