To add or edit a factor to a survey you need to go to Manage Surveys

And then press edit on the survey you want to edit or add a factor to.

When in the edit view press add new factor to add a new factor

Give it a name.

Then type out your question in the Question field.

Choose your answer group.

in 99% of the cases you do not need to change "Numeric", "Multiple-choice question" or "Unit" so just leave these as default.

Order in survey: This decides where in the survey this question will be. So 1 is the first question, 2 is the second question and so on.

Unless you are doing advanced survey set-ups then "Should the question be shown based on an answer to another question" should be left to No.

Mandatory: Decides if the customer is required to answer this question.

If you just want to edit a factor just press the edit button beside the factor and you can change the same things as when creating a new factor.