Working from home as an Agent

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Connectel is a realtime communication software and therefore, especially when using the Voice channel, it's very important to have the correct setup to guarantee an optimal experience of the Connectel system when working from home.

The optimal setup would be:

  • Chrome browser
  • A cabled internet connection into the computer you are working on (i.e. - Not Wi-Fi)
  • A wired headset without any auto-sleep or power-saving functionality
  • A stable internet connection
  • VPN software being turned off

Common issues that indicates an unstable connection to the Connectel software are:

  • No answer buttons when a call arrives - Agents can hear the call and see a notification that the call is there, but the buttons to answer the call is missing.
  • Breaking/Jittering/Missing sound - The sound in the call is breaking up, is of a low quality, you can't hear the customer or the customer can't hear you.
  • Call disconnects - A call disconnects in the middle of the call from seeminly nowhere.
  • Unable to receive calls or make outbound calls
  • No ringtone for the incoming call

The vast majority of the above issues are linked to local area connectivity issues which may be related the agents internet connection, Wi-Fi, computer settings, headset among other things.

Troubleshooting when this happens

Is this issue affecting several users simultaneously?

Before reporting this as an issue, the agent/supervisor should check with other agents and see whether they are experiencing the same issue at the same time. If not, it's most likely that the root cause of the issue is with the agents local setup, which in turn needs to be inspected more closely.

If the same issue happens with more than a select few agents at the same time, please feel free to open a Helpdesk ticket with Connectel.

How often does the issue happen?

If this issue is only happening for approx 1-2% of all calls made it's likely that there is no avoidable error at all. In the vast and complex global system that is the combination of Connectel, telephone and internet providers it's in its' nature that a there will be hiccups and unexpected disturbances outside of anyones control.

Tools to help you troubleshoot an agents computer/connection:

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