When you login to Skyview for the first time this will be the view that you get.

To add a new dashboard to just click the "Add Dashboard" button.

You will need to give your new dashboard a name and select which site you want to see. Most of our users only have access to 1 site, so they will only see one option. But if you are a manager with access to multiple Connectel sites you can choose the specific one for the node here.

Then we recommend that you start with one of the dashboard templates that are available.

This is only available for Administrators, agents can only open shared Dashboards or create an empty dashboards and add shared widgets. They will not see the templates when creating a new dashboard.

Voice (Focuses on inbound voice and agent status)

Dialer (Focuses on outbound calls with dialer and agent status)

Legacy (Skyview 2.0 Dashboard layout)

Omni (Combines the different channels that are available, chatt, email, sms, voice and so on.)

If you are experienced in Skyview you can aslo create an empty dashboard and start som scratch, but this is much harder than starting with a template and just edit that.

When you decided what template to use you will be transported to the dashboard view.

If you click the Connectel logo in the top you will be taken back to the overview.

And you will see your new dashboard on the overview, to get back to the dashboard, just click it.