Congratulations on your choice of Connectel Chat! To get your new functions up and running as smoothly and quickly as possible, there are some preparations we need from you. This document contains information and tasks to facilitate the remaining parts of the implementation. At Connectel, we look forward to collaborating with you.


Where the function should be located:

  • Summarize all web pages where a chat should be displayed.
  • Allocate time for for your IT-department to insert the chat script on all the website.


Read the information about how to setup Connectel Chat by clicking HERE


Please see the information below and notify your IT department of what ports you need to open towards our systems IP address. The IP address is presented during the first start-up meeting with us.


  • 443 - HTTPS traffic. Required for your agents/supervisors/admin to access the web interface of the system.
  • 3306 - Database access. Needed for access to the replica database (if this additional service is selected).
  • 8089 - WebRTC Communication. Required for using the phone in the browser. 70-82 kbps per active call.


  • 5060-5061 - Windows Client Phonebar. A phone application installed locally on a Windows computer, can be used instead of the WebRTC-phone in the browser. 70-82 kbps per active call.
  • 10000-20000 - RTP packages needed for Audio. 70-82 kbps per active call.