Disposition is what you set after a call is finished. You can have global dispositions and/or specific dispositions for each list, mail account or chat website. You can have multiple levels of dispositions, which means that you are able to have sub-dispositions.

Add a disposition

To add a global disposition you go to tools -> dispositions. Then it will be visible when disposing an interaction in every channel. You can also add dispositions on a list by editing the list under Contacts Manager. To add it to an email account, you edit the email account. And for the web chat you edit the chat website. In all of those cases you get a tab called "Dispositions" after editing.

Click on the "+" in the bottom right corner

We will create the first level of disposition. This one we will call "Sold". We click "Add Disposition" when done.

Now we will create a new disposition below that so we know which product that have been sold. We will call it "Microwave". We will select "Sold" as First Level Disposition. Then we will get microwave as an option if we select sold.