Analytics is the built in function for creating reports. You have access to the majority of the database tables and you can select the different columns in the builder, or write your own queris. We recommend that you have some SQL knowledge when using Analytics. 

The analytics menu is found in the navigation pane to the left. Click on "Analytics" and then "Reports"

You have two folders, "Motion Reports" and "Custom Reports". We suggest that you look around and see the different reports and find one that's similar to what you want. In this case, we want to create a report about call details for specific calls. Under Motion Reports/Voice/Queues we have a report that's called "Details". Let's copy that.

Let's change the name and save it according to the picture below

Now, navigate to the folder in Custom Reports and edit the report

When we edit it, we get some different tabs which will give us some further options.

Fields: Here you select the different columns

Conditions: You can add conditions, for example to only select calls on a specific queue, and that's what we want to do here

Preview: To make sure you have no errors, you can quickly test the report by clicking on "Preview"

Click on the "Conditions" tab. We added a condition to only select calls that went to "Demo_queue". When we're done, we click "Save".

Now go back to the report start menu and select the report, then click "Run Report"

Here we can select format and date. Let's just run it for today and as an excel.

After you run the report you will have to collect it under "extracted reports" where you can download the report.