Set-Up Modern authentication with Office 365

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To use modern authentication with Office 365 you first need to register a new app in the Azure Portal. Once you have set up the app, follow >this guide< to learn how to set up Modern Auth in the Connectel Platform.

1. Open Azure Active Directory administration portal, and then click App Registrations

2. Then click on New Registration

3. Add a name for the application, you can choose what you want. Also make sure that the option "Single Tenant" is checked. Then press Register

4. Make a note of the Application (client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID as we will need these later.

5. Click on Authentication, then click on Add a Platform

6. Choose Web 

7. Add this URI and replace XXXXXXX with your systems name then press continue

8. Make sure the these 2 checkboxes are checked

9. Press Certificates & Secrets

Create a new client secret by clicking on New client secret, Give it a description and choose the expiration date you prefer and press Add

10. Make sure to note down the date that it will expire.

Make a note of the value of the client secret you just created because it will no longer be possible to

view after you close this page

The client secret value will be entered in the Cloud Provider configuration.

11. Click on API Permissions and then on Add a permission

12. Click on Microsoft Graph

13. Then press Delegated Permissions

14. Add all the permissions in this screenshot

15. Then we are done with the Azure configuration and we can move on to the Connectel Platform configuration.

Go to and change XXXXXXX to your system name.

Press the plus sign to add a new cloud provider. You need to add 1 for every email account that you want to add to the system.

16. Give it a name, recommended is to name it after the mailbox you are using it for. So for we just name it

17. Choose Service "Microsoft Azure"

Choose Type "Outlook365"

Add the application ID, Tenant ID from step 4 and Client Secret from Step 10.

Add Redirect URL and change XXXX to your system name.

Then Press Save

Then we need to authenticate this cloud provider setup.

Click the three dots on the right side and choose authenticate

18. You now get a pop-up where you can login with the email that should be used by this cloud provider configuration.

19. To use modern authentication for an email account you just open the email account authentication configuration and activate "Modern Authentication" and choose the cloud provider you just added.

Remember, you have to add a separate Cloud Provider for each email account in the Connectel Plattform (Steps 15-18)

You only need to register ONE app i Azure.

Follow this guide ( to learn how to set up Modern Auth in the Connectel Platform.

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