Common issues, troubleshooting and the optimal setup for the Connectel platform

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If the issues listed below are only happening to approximately 1-2% of all calls in the platform it is likely that there is no avoidable error at all. In the vast and complex global system that is the combination of Connectel, telephone and internet providers it is unavoidable that there will be hiccups and unexpected disturbances outside of anyone’s control occasionally. 
Although there are some easy ways to begin investigating what may have caused common issues, listed below.

Common issues:

  • Answer button does not appear when you receive an incoming call
  • Bad audio quality/no sound or loss of sound in call – either from the agents side or the customers side (this can also be related to the customers connection)
  • Call disconnects
  • No ringtone for an incoming call
  • Connectivity warnings
  • Red status icon:

The optimal setup:

  • If your server is not open toward the internet you need to activate your VPN to access the server. If your server is open toward the internet you should try to switch off your VPN if you are experiencing problems with the platform
  • Make sure you are using either Google Chrome (recommended), Opera, Safari or Microsoft Edge as a web browser. Also make sure your browser is always updated
  • A cabled internet connection into the computer you are working on (i.e. - not Wi-Fi)
  • A wired headset without “auto-sleep” or power saving functionality
  • A stable internet connection

How to troubleshoot:

  • If the status icon is red instead of green you will not be receiving any calls. This can be due to e.g. loss of internet connection or that the microphone has not been allowed in the browser. Also make sure none of the icons to the left of the status icon are red:To make sure you have allowed all necessary permissions for Connectel, click the lock icon next to the URL in your browser. Enable Microphone, Notifications, Pop-ups, Background Sync:

  • To check that all the requirements for working in the platform are set up correctly, click on your name in the top right corner -> Settings -> Requirements. Make sure all the points are marked with a green check mark. If something isn’t working like it should you will see a red X next to the point. If that's the case, contact your IT department.
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  • To make sure you have the correct devices connected to the platform, click Audio:
  • Call "600" to test your speaker and microphone:If the microphone or speaker are not working you need to contact your IT administrator to control your equipment and e.g. perform microphone tests in a voice recording application in your computer.
  • If one agent is experiencing issues it is always good to try logging in to another computer to see if the issue is due to settings in the computer/browser.
  • Use one of the following sites to troubleshoot your internet connection or computer:

If many agents are experiencing the same issues in the same period you should create a Helpdesk ticket (after having checked the steps listed above). If it happens rarely or to a single agent it is most likely something in the agents setup that is causing the issues – in these cases there is much Connectel can do to solve the problem, and first and foremost you should contact your IT department to begin investigation.

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