Log in to Connectel Survey as an administrator:Click Settings -> Add Users

Add the login details:
First name
Last name
E-mail (use the same email as the agents/users email in Connectel for Single Sign On)

Permissions (choose which role the user should have in the Survey platform)
Repeat password 
We recommend that the user should change the password when they log in the first time
Team (which Team the user should be a part of in the Survey platform)
Mobile phone

Telephony name needs to be the same as the User name in the Connectel platform.
Choose if the user should be able to receive internal surveys.

Then click 

Upload CSV

You can also upload a CSV file if you want to create multiple users simultaneously. Upload the file with the format described in the image below.

Choose which Team the users should be a part of and which role/permissions they should have in the Survey platform.

Then click Import