Create an Open Channel Facebook account

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Open Channel allows your agents to interact with customers from potentially any channel, e.g. social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.
To interact with customers contacting you through social media you need:
- Open Channel needs to be an activated channel in your Connectel Platform

- Create an Open Channel account connected to the social media account

- Create a Queue and assign agents to the queue

This means that agents can manage messages from e.g. Facebook Messenger directly from Connectel.

From Facebook you can receive messages from Facebook Messenger and posts on your Facebook wall.

Create an Open Channel Facebook account

Go to Open Channel -> Open Channel accounts

Click the + in the bottom right corner:

Add a name, a 5 letter key, the reply URL 
(, which list to add contacts to and an optional description. Then click Add Open Channel Account:

You can then click the three dots next to the Account to edit the account further.
Copy the Receive URL in order to use it later to forward the requests to your Connectel platform:

Complete the Open Channel Account configuration (List, Disposition, Actions, etc) and add Agents to it.

Create an Open Channel Facebook Queue

In order to have Agents receive notifications from the Facebook Account and manage interactions, you need to configure a specific Queue.

Follow the next steps:

  • Create a new Open Channel Queue, under Open Channel -> Open Channel Queues.

  • Add Agents or Teams to the Facebook Queue.

  • Associate the Facebook Queue to the Facebook Account by adding the Queue under Actions in the Account:

Generate an API key

Plug-ins, as Facebook, are connected to Connectel through the API Key.

To generate the API Key, go to the Staff section and open the User section

Select your Admin user and click the three dots to the right and then Edit User, click API Key Manager in the top right corner:

Generate the API KEY by clicking Generate. Save the API Key for a later step.

Create an Account on Xcally Motion Cloud

1. In order to create the Account, go to!/register and add your details.

2. You will receive an e-mail containing the verification code: copy and paste it on the page!/activate

3. Once the account is created, use this to log on!/login

4. Go to the section Integrations and create your first integration clicking on the button Add Facebook Integration

5. Now a Facebook login panel will be displayed: remember to log in as the Administrator of the page you have created before.

6. After logging in, select the page you want to configure the integration and press Next

7. Then accept the list of permissions proposed for the integration to work properly

8. Finally, you will be redirected to the integration configuration page

To configure the Integration:

  • select the page you want to integrate with

  • paste the ‘Receive URL’ value you copied before 

  • paste the API Key value you copied before

  • deselect if you want to disable FB Wall Post management (default=enabled)

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