Add contacts to contact list

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To add contacts to your contact list you first go to Contact Manager > Contacts

Then you hoover the plus sign in the bottom right corner with your mouse.

Then you choose either "Add Contact" to add 1 contact manually or Import Contacts to upload a CSV file with multiple contacts.

Import Contacts

To import contacts you need to create a .csv file to upload.

The file must include these three heading. First Name, Phonenumber as these fields are mandatory (They do not need to be named "First Name" and "Phonenumber" they can be named anything you want). All other fields for the contact is optional.

The file should look like this 

Then when you choose import contacts, choose your list and you will see these options

Just click First Name* and choose your First Name column from your uploaded. Then click Phone* and choose your Phone column. Then scroll down and choose the list to upload the contacts to.

If you suspect that you might have some duplicated already in the contact list that you are uploading to you can use the Check Duplicated to choose a field to match and stop the system from uploading duplicates.

Then just press upload, you will see the progress and also you will be able to download an error file if anything goes wrong and contacts are not uploaded.

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