Block unwanted callers

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This is a pretty simple set-up to block unwanted inbound callers from entering your queues.


Contacts manager license from Connectel

Step 1

Create a new Contact list in Contacts Manager, name it "Block_DID" IMPORTANT, write down the ID that the list got as we need this later.

Step 2

Create a new IVR under Cally Square -> Projects and name it Block_DID

Step 3

Add these blocks and arrows to the IVR like in this picture

Step 4

Doubleclick the database block

Add these values

Label: Check Block_DID Contacts List

ODBC Connection: xcally-motion-database

Query: select count(id) from cm_contacts where ListId = REPLACE THIS WITH ID FROM STEP 1 and phone = {CALLERID(NUM)} and deletedat is null

So the above query should look like this if the ID of Block_DID list is 24

select count(id) from cm_contacts where ListId = 24 and phone = {CALLERID(NUM)} and deletedat is null

Variable: RESULT

Step 5

Doubleclick the gotoif block

Add these values

Label: Check Block_DID

Condition: {RESULT[0][count(id)]} > 0

Step 6

Press Save and Publish

Now you are done

Then you can use this project in any project you want by calling it with the sub_project block like this in the IVR. Callers that are in the block list will be terminated, and callers that are not in the block list will go to Queue in this example.

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