To create a new queue campaign go to "Motion Bull" > "Queue Campaigns"  and press the plus sign in the lower right corner.

Fill out the information:

Name = Name of campaign

Active = Choose if the campaign should be activate directly on save.

Trunk = Choose what trunk to use for outbound calls.

Time Intervall = What time should the campaign be active.

Check Duplicate

Never, new contacts will not be checked for duplicated (meaning that you can have more than 1 contact in the dialer with the same number at the same time) 

Always, new contacts will be checked against both open contacts and closed contacts in the dialer.

Only if open, new contacts will be checked against only the open contacts in the dialer.

Method = Choose the ring mode of the campaign.

Progressive, Dialer make 1 outbound call per available agent in the campaign.

Power Dialing, Dialer make more than 1 call per available agent in the campaign (you configure how many calls)

Predictive, Dialer uses an algorithm to predict how many calls to make per available agent in the campaign.

Preview, Agents uses calling cards to dial customers manually.

BookedProgressive, same as Progressive but the agent is called first then the customer.

Depending on the ringmode the configurations options will change below the Ring mode option. Connectel recommends Progressive dialing.

Change these values on progressive.

Queue Timeout = 3600

Agent Timeout = 15

Description = Description

Then press save.

Press the three dots on the right and choose Edit Campaign to continue with the configuration.


Add Backup Trunk

Leave rest as is.


Strategy = Round Robin Memory

Wrapup Time = 2


Caller ID Number = Add number you want the customer to see (must be your own number)

Retry Settings:

You don't have to change anything here


After Call Work = On

After Call Work Duration = 20

Recording = wav (if you want to record calls)

The rest you can leave as is.