Multi factor authentication (2FA)

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To activate 2FA on your organization you need to login in as an admin on, then press the edit button on your organization.

In the menu you will then see the option to enable 2FA for Agents, Managers and Admin

Add one or more user types you want to activate 2FA for and press save. Now 2FA is activated on those user types.

Below you can see how it looks the first time a user log in after you activated 2FA.

First Login for Users with 2FA

When the user or agent log in for the first time after you activated multi factor authentication(2FA) they will be presented with this picture.

They then need to download Google Authenticator or any other authenticator app on their phone and scan the QR-code that is  presented on the screen and enter the code that shows up in the application like this

When this is done and they press "Authenticate" they will be logged in and 2FA will be activated.

The next time they login it will look like this and they only need to enter the code shown in the mobile application after entering their username and password.

Reset Users 2FA

If a user looses their phone or 2FA device you will need to reset their 2FA

To do this login as an administrator to and go to users

Then press the edit button on the user you want to reset 2FA for

Then just press the "Reset two-factor authentication button

Press OK in the pop-up

And then press Save and the 2FA is reset for that user.

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