This article explains how to import Survey data/statistics into Skyview and Insights. To be able to use this function the Survey module needs to be enabled on your Connectel Platform.

Survey has been added as a Channel in Skyview and Insights and is supported in Text widgets.

1. Click on Skyview or Insights (depending on where you want to import the Survey data)

2. Choose a Dashboard/Report, add a Text widget and name it

3. Under 'Channels' add Survey

4. Under 'Metrics' add Survey Data

5. Hover over the metric and click on the pen to edit the metric

6. Rename the metric if you want (our recommendation is to name it after the Survey you want to see data from).
Choose what Survey you want to show data from.
Under 'Factor' you can choose to show a summary of all questions or a specific question.

Use 'Metric Filer' to show data from specific Members, Queues or Teams.

7. Save the metric and then the widget. The widget will show an average for each question:

Read this article to learn about adding thresholds to metrics. Thresholds can be used to highlight a metric e.g. when greater than X or less than X.