To add a NPS widget to you webpage so customer can answer the NPS Survey directly you first have to go in to your NPS survey.

It's important that the Survey type is NPS as it's only these surveys that have the widget.

You will see the widget icon up in the right corner where you can customize the widget and get the html code you need for you webpage.

In here you can customize the position and the size of the widget.

Recommended minimum values for Height is 200 and Width is 250, lower than that parts of the widget will be cut off.

You can also change the text color and size and the background color to match your website

You can check how the different positions look by clicking these buttons

This is a preview of position bottom

You will also need to add the hostname of the site where the survey widget will be displayed.

When you are done you copy the code snippet and send to your web developers. And when they have added the code to your webpage you will start getting answers on your NPS.

And don't worry, if you change anything after the code is implemented on the website it will update automatically and be reflected on your webpage.