A better Login Experience

Created by Hannah Peters, Modified on Thu, 15 Dec 2022 at 02:53 PM by Hannah Peters

We have implemented several improvements to enhance the login experience and we have summarized below how it works together with best practices for a smooth experience.

  • To log in and access Connectel services, make sure you go to https://yourdomain.connectel.io/
  • Login with your credentials and we recommend you to tick the remember me checkbox
  • Once you have logged in you can continue to open the different modules (Agent/User, Skyview, Insights, Survey, Portal etc.) from the landing page. All modules will be opened in new tabs in your web browser.
  • The login session lives for 14 hours from when you login on https://yourdomain.connectel.io/. This means you will be automatically logged out after 14 hours.
  • If you do not log out and your session times out (14 hours from login) you will get below message on the landing page. If you checked remember me you can click RELOAD and the login session will be regenerated for another 14 hours in all modules (landing page, Skyview, Insights, Agent/User and Portal). This means you do not need to log in with username & password every day.
  • If you have Skyview, Insights or Portal opened in your browser you will get below message when the login sessions times out (14 hours). As we explained in the previous step, we recommend you to click RELOAD on the landing page and if you have done so you can just click OK on below message in Skyview, Insights & Portal to continue.

    You can of course also close Skyview, Insights or Portal browser tabs and go back to landing page, make sure you have clicked RELOAD and then you are logged in and can open all modules again.

  • For the Agent/User interface we strongly recommend you to properly logout and close that tab when you leave for each day. We recommend you open the Agent/User interface from landing page every day when you start your shift. Important, make sure to click the RELOAD on the landing page if the session is timed out, before you open the Agent/User interface.

Best practice Login Experience

  1. Start you shift by browsing to https://yourdomain.connectel.io/ and login with your credentials, tick the Remember me checkbox.
  2. Open Agent/User interface.
  3. Open modules (Skyview, Insights, Survey Portal etc.)
  4. Logout from the Agent/User interface and close the Agent/User tab when you are done with your shift.
  5. When you start the next day and if you have kept the landing page open you can just click RELOAD to re-login again.

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