1. Overview of all your Dashboards:

2. Menu to access other modules in Connectel:

3. Light/Dark mode:

4. Sync button - only use this if you see incorrect statistics:

5. Notifications for thresholds and shared dashboards:

6. Pin/Unpin header:

8. Knowledge Base, Support, Settings:

9. Hide built in Dashboards:

10. Ckeck/Uncheck dashboards:

11. Migrate/move dashboard to another site (if working with several sites):
Learn how to move a dashboard to another site here.

12. Remove dashboard:

13. Create a template Dashboard:

14. Create a new empty dashboard:

15. Remove dashboard:

16. Open dashboard in new tab:

17. Clone dashboard:

18. Mark/Check Dashboard (e.g. when deleting several dashboards or moving dashboard to another site):

19. Change settings for the overview of dashboards: