How to use the Keyword Detection Cloud in Skyview and Insights

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Speech analytics is the process of analyzing voice recordings or live customer calls. It refers to the technology that transcribes speech and then analyzes the conversation through special speech recognition software. The purpose is to gather useful customer information in a simple and automated way. 

The Keyword Detection Cloud gives you an overview of what topics are trending in the contact center conversations. Are you getting a sudden increase of questions about invoices or delays? The word cloud will update in real-time to show relevant keywords. 

Benefits of using the Keyword detection cloud:

  • A clear insight in what calls are about
  • Real time information about sudden deviations
  • Easier to identify the direct impact from e.g. ongoing campaigns
  • More effective coaching of agents – find specific parts of the calls instead of listening to hours of recordings. See if agents are following scripts, important phrases/key words and company policies.
  • Identify common questions and expand knowledge bases/FAQ’s
  • Increase customer satisfaction – identify what areas create frustration/dissatisfaction

How to add the Keyword Detection Cloud in Skyview and Insights

Go to your Dashboard in Skyview or Report in Insights and add a new widget:

Choose the Type - Speech Analytics and name the widget, click Save:

Choose a Period (we recommend Today (live) in Skyview to see the Keyword Detection Cloud automatically change in realtime for each call) and click Save:

Resize the widget as you wish.
To exclude certain words, click the settings-icon on the widget:

In the "Included words"-list click on the words you want to exclude, they will then be added in "Excluded words"-list. You can also see how many times the word has been mentioned in calls.
Click Save:

The Keyword Detection Cloud will look something like this:

Clicking on a word will show you all the transcripts including this word. You can also click Transcripts and search for a specific word:

Click here to show the whole conversation between the agent and the customer:

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