Create Working Hours (Intervals)

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To add working hours you go to Tools > Intervals

To add a new intervall press the plus sign in the lower right corner 

Add a name and a description

To edit your new interval press the three dots on the right and then press "Edit Interval"

Then press "Intervals"

To add a new sub-interval press the plus sign

Add a name and then change the following:

Type = Custom

Time Range:

FROM = When the office should open (when you add a time here the TO field will appear)

TO = When the office should close


FROM = The first working day in the week for your company.

TO = The last working day in the week for your company.

In the example below the working hours are 08:00-17:00 Monday - Friday.

It will be closed all day Saturday and Sunday


Press SAVE

Remember that if you create an interval with the Time Range 08:00 to 17:00 it also includes the minutes 08:00:00-08:00:59 and 17:00:00-17:00:59.
This means that if you want to close at  17:00 you need to set the time 16:59.

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