Getting Started With Callback

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A callback will give the customer the option to be called back later from an agent. 

This can be offered in two ways, before the queue or while the caller is in the queue. For the latter, you need to contact our helpdesk. To be able to create a callback you need to have Dialer in your license. 

We need to create a list that the callback will use. To do this, you go to Contacts Manager - Lists - Click the + icon.

Fill out the fields and click add list 

Now we have created a list that the callback will use. Next is to create a campaign that will handle the calls. To do that, you go to Motion Bull - Queue Campaigns - Click on the + icon

Fill out the form. Select trunk, your options may differ.

Check duplicates: Never. 

Method: Here you can chose what you'd like, but we recommend using Preview for callback. 

Agent Timeout: Set this to 3.

When you're finished, click Add Queue Campaign.

When the Campaign is added, you will now have options to edit by clicking the three dots on the right hand side

Select Edit Campaign.

Select Campaign.

Scroll down to Originate. Enter the number you wish to display, preferably the number a customer will call. 

Next select Retry Settings. Here you decide how many times you will try to reach a customer. In this example we have 4, which is 4 attempts in total. 

Under the Advanced tab you will find more options like enabling after call work. This is not mandatory. 

Now we need to attach the list we created earlier to this campaign. Click on the second green button Add List.

Find the list we created in the left box, click on it, and it will appear in the right box. Click save.

You need to add agents that will make calls in the campaign. You can add them individually or by team. When you are finished with all the above and added the agents, click save. 

Before we edit the IVR we need to create a new variable. Go to tools -> variables in the main menu and click "+". Create a new variable like below

Now we need to implement the callback in your IVR. Go to Cally Square - Projects. Click on the 3 dots to the right of the project and select Edit Project.

In this example, we will have an option for callback if the caller press 4 when hearing the different options. So first we need to delete the line that goes between the menu and Ekonomi and we will also move Ekonomi a bit to create some more space for us to work with.

We have now done the following: 

Deleted the line between menu and Ekonomi. 

We also added a Gotoif from the Callflow menu on the left hand side.

Moved Ekonomi a bit to the right. 

Now we need to connect Gotoif with the menu. If you hover over menu you will se a yellow circle, click and hold while you drag menu to Gotoif and connect them. 

Double click on the new line and put in the number of the option you want to be used, for example 4. 

Edit the new Gotoif by double clicking on it. If you want to offer callback only when there are calls waiting, you put in it like the below example  and replace Ekonomi with your own queue name. Click save.

Add another Gotoif below the previous one.

Edit the new Gotoif and fill out like the example below.

Add the additional blocks you see below from the menu on the left. Drag the lines between them accordingly and add the numbers the caller will use on the lines.

Edit the playbacks and select your audio files

Double click on the get digits and select audio file and Variable. Now we use the variable we created before. Here you use the audio file saying "please enter your number" or similar

Edit the "Read_number" by double clicking and add the variable

Edit "menu_is_correct_number and add your adio file

Edit "set_phonenumber" and add the variable

Edit the "callback" block and fill it out like below

Now click "save" and "publish"

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