To create a new chat website you go to "Chat" > "Chat Website" and press the plus sign in the lower right corner.

Fill out the information

Name = Name of the chat website (will be visible for agents)

Key = Unique 5 character key for this chat website

Website Domain = The adress where the chatt will be visible ex

Proxy or Motion Domain = (replace CUSTOMERNAME with your domain, so for company freeflow it would be Should also be pre populated, you only need to change 80 to 4433.

List = Contact list to save contact information in when people email. 

Interval = Intervall to control the opening hours of the chat.

Description = Description

Then press the three dots on the right and choose "Edit Chat Website" to continue to configure this chat website.

Under settings most settings should already be populated.

But you can choose if you want these 2 options on or off


Queue Transfer = This makes it possible for the Agent to transfer chats to another chat queue (chats that are transferred must be accepted on the new queue within the timout. Otherwise the email stays in the original queue)

Agent Transfer = This makes it possible for Agents to transfer chats to another agent in the same queue  (chats that are transferred must be accepted by the new agent within the timout. Otherwise the chat stays with the original agent)

Under Advanced you will find the Website Script that you need to add to your website. Your web designer should be able to help you with adding it. It is unique for every chat website

You can also turn of or off 

Mandatory Dispositions = If this is activated Agents will remain in pause status until they close and dispose the latest email they handled. This option should NOT be used at the same time as using ACW 

Under Snippet you configure all settings of your chat snippet that will be visible on your webpage (except visuals as there are configured under Online and Offline)


Main Color = Set the main color of the chatt snippet.

Button Color = Set the button color of the chatt snippet.

Text Color = Set the text color of the chatt snippet.

Background Color = Background color

Font size = Font size of chatt messages

Header Shape = Rounded or Squared

Show personal agent avatar = If ON it will show picture of agent if you have uploaded personal avatars.

Show customer avatar = If customer show see an avatar or not.

Snippet Swipe out = Bottom right, left or right. (Left or right is middle of screen)

Default Title = Leave Empty

Online status = Title of chatt snippen when online

Start Chat Button = Text on button when online

Offline Status:

Connectel recommends to hide the chat snippet when not. Turn on hide.

Closing Form:

Here you can configure what happens for the customer after the chatt is ended.

Closing message = Message that will show for customer after chatt.

Skip message button = Text on button

Enable rating = Customer can rate chat with either starts of thumbs

Enable Feedback = Customer can leave feedback on the chat

Forward Transcript = Customer can download transcript

Unmanaged Status:

You don't need to change anything here


Change these settings

Identifier = Agent Alias

Logo: Upload your own logo size should be 90x90px

Online and Offline:

Under Online and Offline tabs you can change what information the customer can insert before starting chat.

We recommend to leave it as is if you don't have any specific needs. Then contact your customer success manager.

Proactive actions:

You do not need to change anything here.


Here you can add dispositions that will only be available for the agents when handling interactions form this specific email account.

Canned Answers:

Here you can add canned answers that will only be available for the agents when handling interactions form this specific email account.


You need to add a queue here. So drag and drop "queue" from the Application List and drop it in the right window.

Should look like this