How does Swedish Bank-ID work

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When bank-id is set up there is 2 ways to identify a customer

  1. Manually 
    1. When the agent has answered a call they can go to and type in the customers social security number and press "Identifiera". The customer will then get a identification request on their mobile bank-id.
    2. When the customer has identified them self in the mobile bank-id the page will update to show the result. Below is result for identification success.
    3. If the customer fails to identify the page will show that result to. And the Agent can try again, or they can identify the customer in some other way.
  2. Automatic
    1. You can also let the customer identify them self before talking with the agent.
    2. In the IVR (Cally Square) flow before the customer is added to a queue we'll ask the customer if they want to identify with Bank-ID. If they accept we will transfer the call to another flow where the customer gets to enter their social security number (12-digits) and then we send that number to bank-id identification with a "curl" command. We tell the customer to open mobile bank-id on their phone and identify them self. Then we tell the customer if the identification was successful or failed and then they will be transferred to the queue. The identification IVR can look like this
    3. The curl command for identification is sent by the "bankid request" block and looks like this
    4. After identification is done we set a variable that is shown to the agents when they get the call and during the call to "Identification successful for social security number XXXXXX-XXXX" or "Identification failed" so the agents knows if the customer they are speaking to is identified or not. If the identification failed the agents can manually identify the customer as described earlier in this document.

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