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Read this article to learn about how to set up Modern Authentication with Office365.

To connect to a new email account you go to "Email" > "Email Accounts" and press the plus sign in the lower right corner.

Fill in the needed information

Name = Name of email account. Will be visible to Agents

Key = Unique 5 character key for the account

Email Adress = The email adress to connect to

List = Contact list to save contact information in when people email.

Active = If you want the account to start receiving email directly make this button blue, Otherwise make it grey.

Service = Choose the email provider that you are using, the setting are preconfigured for these providers:

Office 365



Yahoo email

You can also use Custom if you are hosting your own email system.

Username = Username to connect to your email account. Usually email-adress

Password = Password for email account.

Description = Description

Then press "Add Email Account"

Then Press the three dots on the right and choose "Edit Email Account" to continue with the configuration of the Email Account

Under Settings most fields will be set already so we will not go through them.

But these are the setting you should change

Template = This is your signature, this will be added to all outgoing email.

Mark as unread = Gives the Agents the possibility to mark email they accepted as unread if they are not the correct person to handle the email.


Queue Transfer = This makes it possible for the Agent to transfer email to another email queue (email that are transferred must be accepted on the new queue within the timout. Otherwise the email stays in the original queue)

Agent Transfer = This makes it possible for Agents to transfer email to another agent in the same queue  (email that are transferred must be accepted by the new agent within the timeout. Otherwise the email stays with the original agent)

IMAP and SMTP should already be configured correctly so we will skip these.


Mandatory Dispositions = If this is activated Agents will remain in pause status until they close and dispose the latest email they handled. This option should NOT be used at the same time as using ACW 


Here you can add dispositions that will only be available for the agents when handling interactions form this specific email account.

Canned Answers:

Here you can add canned answers that will only be available for the agents when handling interactions form this specific email account.


It is not mandatory to add anything under actions if you only want the email to show in the system.

But if you want to add the email to a queue you need to drag and drop "Queue" from the Application List to the window on the right and configure a timeout.

It should look like this but with your queue name

Once you have created your email account you have to add agents. To do so, click on the 3 dots to the right and select add agent to email account 

Then, select the agents on the left to add them to the queue, don't forget to press save

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