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With the WhatsApp Connector agents can handle WhatsApp interactions in the Connectel agent interface. You can share a single WhatsApp account among several Agents and use it in a way similar to a voice queue.

What you need to do is just to configure:

  • the Solution Provider account (e.g. Twilio)
  • the Connectel WhatsApp Connector account
  • the WhatsApp Connector Queue

Remember to add the Agents to the WhatsApp Account in order to let them manage the interactions through this channel.

This article contains:

Add a new WhatsApp Account
In the administrators interface, go to WhatsApp Connector -> WhatsApp Accounts:

Click the + in the bottom right corner:

Fill in the details:

  • Name: the name of the WhatsApp account
  • Key: here you can define a short name (5 char maximum) for the Account that will be shown on the Agents Tabs. (In Key you must insert a five alphanumeric characters code. You can choose any code you want, but remember that it must be unique for each of the WhatsApp accounts you create).
  • List: the default List where the new WhatsApp contacts will be saved in the Contacts Manager, if it is not already there

  • Proxy or Motion Domain: by default your actual motion domain port 443 is inserted in this field.

About Proxy: in order to use this type of configuration please contact our Helpdesk at by submitting a ticket.

  • Type: choose from the list one of the available provider types and enter the values referring to the chosen Type:
    • TWILIO: Account SID and Authorization Token (information can be retrieved from Twilio Platform)
    • SINCH: Account SID, Authorization Token and Base URL (information can be retrieved from Sinch Platform)

  • Phone: the solution provider phone number
  • Description: insert here a description (optional)

Then click Add.

Edit/modify a WhatsApp Account

To edit a WhatsApp Account go to WhatsApp Connector -> WhatsApp Accounts:

Click the three dots next to the account you want to edit and choose between the following:

When editing a WhatsApp Account you have a list of sections:


In this section you can edit, retrieve and change the values inserted when adding the WhatsApp Account.

WA provider common parameters : 

  • Wait for the Assigned Agent: the time a new message waits for the same Agent currently managing the interaction (with closed tab) to accept it, when the Agent is not available (logged out or in pause). By default 10 seconds; the allowed values range is 1-2147483. 
  • Wait for the Assigned Queue: If the Agent currently managing the interaction doesn't accept a new message within the Assigned Agent Timeout or rejects it, the interaction is transferred to the Queue which the Agent is part of. The parameter Wait for the Assigned Queue is the time a new message waits for an Agent in that Queue to accept it, before proceeding with the action plan. By default 10 seconds; the allowed values range is 1-2147483.


For Twilio accounts:

  • Account SID and Authorization Token information can be retrieved from the Twilio Account
  • The Receive URL is the auto-generated API URL: this value must be copied and pasted in the Twilio WhatsApp Solution Provider Setup

For SINCH accounts:

  • Account SID and Authorization Token information can be retrieved from the SINCH Account
  • The Receive URL is the auto-generated API URL: this value must be copied and pasted in the SINCH WhatsApp Solution Provider Setup


The Administrator can customize the notification of a new interaction in order to show to the Agent information about the source, the sender, the recipient queue and so on.

The Setting section of the Notification is under the general settings of a channel account and allows to:

  • enable/disable the notification sound 
  • enable/disable the notification shake effect
  • define notification contents and style in the Template section (here you can define which information to show about the specific interaction using variables)

Toggle to enable/disable the Agent transfer to a queue or to another agent and set the specific timeout (the time in seconds the message will wait to be accepted before returning back as unread).



In this section you can change the Motion Domain and retrieve the Proxy token (auto generated and impossible to change):

This section is the same for all types of domain (Twilio, Skebby, Connectel, ClickSend or Plivo)


Mandatory Disposition
Enable it you want the Agent to be forced to dispose the interactions managed and set the Agent pause status to be automatically applied during this operation (default=NO).
Canned Answers

Here you can set a list of canned answers that will be available only for this account. Global Canned Answers are set up under Tools -> Canned Answers.


In this section you should define the Actions for the WhatsApp account to be executed by adding e.g. Queues, Agents or Intervals.


In this section you can find the list of the WhatsApp interactions occurred on the Account.

You can filter the interaction list by Start Date, Read/Unread, Status (Open/Closed), Website, Agent, Tags:

or use the  button to activate the Advanced Search and select a field to be matched with a value among a list of all those available.

When you click this button, the system will show you the input form:


Now do the following:

  • Select the Field (scroll the list of all the available search fields):

  • Select the Operator among those available (eg.: equals, contains, starts with, and so on):

  • Select or insert the Value:

  • Add the Condition (click on )

To add more than one condition, repeat the operation, like in the following example:

and choose whether the conditions must all be met:

or at least one of them:

When you finish, click on the button in order to start the search: the query is executed and all the items that match the conditions inserted are shown.

If you want to delete the advanced search condition inserted click on the single search condition button to delete it or click on the button in order to delete all the conditions set at once.

On this form it is possible to:

  • modify a condition set: click on a set condition and press Edit:

now change the condition as you like(field, operator, value):

  • temporarily disable the search condition: click on the set condition and press Disable:

and enable it again:

On this list, you can select one or many mail interactions and download the information about them in a CSV file (click on the corresponding checkbox and then on the icon ) or delete them (click on the corresponding checkbox and then on the trash bin ):

On the single interaction, the Supervisor can use the three dots command menu  in order to:


  • Spy the contents of an interaction thread. Here the Supervisor can add an internal note (this will not be viewed by customers but only by internal agents)
  • Download a zip file containing the transcript of the interaction
  • Delete the interaction

Add Agents to a Whatsapp Account

On the WhatsApp Accounts you can add Agents in two ways:

  • select the WhatsApp Account from the List, click on and choose the menu entry Add Agent to WhatsApp Account:


  • edit the WhatsApp Account and than click on the add menu button:


and choose the agents names from the list:

Click Save.

Read this article to learn how to create WhatsApp Queues.

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