WhatsApp Queues

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A WhatsApp Queue is a way to route incoming WhatsApp interactions to a group of agents.

For every WhatsApp interaction coming from a WhatsApp Account the Agents belonging to the WhatsApp Queue will be notified.

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Create a WhatsApp Queue

In the Admin interface, go to WhatsApp Connector -> WhatsApp Queues. Click the + in the bottom right corner:

Fill in the details:

  • Name
  • Strategy
    Queue Strategy defines how incoming WhatsApp interactions are routed to the agents belonging to a queue. You can select one of the following strategies:
    • Beepall: delivers the WhatsApp interaction to all the agents until one accepts
    • RR Memory: tries to deliver the WhatsApp interaction to the next agent in the list after the one engaged last time.
  • Agent Timeout
    The time in seconds the incoming interaction is notified to the Agent before being sent to the next agent if RR Memory is set as Strategy.
  • Description (optional)

Edit/Modify a Whatsapp Queue

To edit the Queue click the three dots to the right and click Edit WhatsApp Queue:

And change any of the following values:

  • Strategy
  • Agent Timeout
  • Description 

Add Agent/Team to WhatsApp Queue

To add an Agent or a Team to a WhatsApp Queue, you can choose to either:

1. Click the three dots to the right on the queue and click Edit WhatsApp Queue. Then click Add Team or Add agent:

Add the agents:

Click Save.

2. Click the three dots to the right on the queue and click Add Agent To WhatsApp Queue or Add Team To WhatsApp Queue:

Add the agents:

Click Save.

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