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To create a new Inbound Route you first go to Voice > Inbound Routes

Then press the plus sign in the lower right corner

Then you add the phone number that you would like to route. Ex 0101800005, you can also substitute the last number with X ex 010180000X if you are routing all numbers from 0101800000-0101800009 as the X acts as a wildcard.

Just remember that you need to proceed the number with _ as we are now using Pattern Matching.

So to route a single number use "0101800005"

And to route multiple numbers in a number series use "_010180000X"

Then to edit the route and configure what will happen with the call press the three dots at the right and choose "Edit Inbound Route"

Then press the Action Tab

Now you will see a lot of different applications in the "Applications List" on the left we will concentrate on "Set" "Cally Square" and "Hangup"

First we want to set the language for the call, this will tell the system what soundfiles to use when playing "Positions in queueu" and "Hold Time" messages of these are configured.

To do this we grab the "Set" application and pull it to the right field and drop it.

You will see this box appear

Choose "CHANNEL(language)" and type se in the value field for Swedish (dk for denmark, de for germany, fi for finland and so on)

Then press Save

Then we will connect the caller to a "Cally Square" project, so drag and drop the "Cally Square" application from the Application List and drop on UNDER the Set Application.

Choose the Cally square project you want to connect the caller to

It should look like this when you press save.

Then in the end we will add a "hangup" application.

So drag and drop the "Hangup" from application list and put it UNDER the cally square application.

Choose "Hangup Cause" 16 = Normal call clearing.

Then we are done, the call will now be set to Swedish, connected to a Cally Square project and when they are done talking to the agent the call will hangup.

It should look like this.

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