Create IVR (Cally Square)

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To create a new IVR, click on Cally Square -> Projects:

Click the plus in the bottom right corner:

Fill out the fields: 

Name: Give the IVR project a unique name

Description: Give the project a clear description as to what the IVR is used for.

Click Add Project:

Now we need to do the configuration within the new IVR. Click on the three dots to the right and then Edit Project:

Now we have a blank project. What we know is that a call will start and end in this flow, so now we can add a start- and end block which can be found under the Entry tab in the list to the right. You add the block by drag and drop them to the sheet:

We also need to add the following blocks:

Queue: One or several Queue blocks

GotoIfTime: Check for opening hours/Temporary closed hours

Playback: Sound file when closed

Menu: Menu choices and which sound file to play in the menu

Now we need to connect the blocks. This is done by hovering over a block -> then dragging the yellow icon that appears to the next block:

Now the first two blocks are connected. We need to create lines between every block in the IVR like the image below:

You can rename the blocks to better understand what they do. Currently there are two GoToIfTime but we don't know which one is for the ordinary opening hours and which one is for temporary closed. We can change their names by double clicking on the blocks and changing the label. Here we also select which interval to use:

If we click on Save and Publish on the project now we will get errors. This is because we have not decided where to go based on what time it is. We also need to select 1) a queue/queues to call, 2) what buttons (menu options) lead to which queue and 3) audio files. We'll start by editing the lines between the blocks. To do this you double click on the line between the two time blocks that checks opening hours and temporary closed. Then you are able to write "true" and "false". Se below example:

Now we move on to the menu block. Double click on the menu block and select your audio file that will be played for the caller before they make their choice. You can also rename the block or change the retry settings:

Now double click on the outgoing lines. If you write 1 on a line, it will take that path if the caller presses 1. But you can write 2, 3 or any digit you want. We will also give one of the lines the value "i,t" to handle incorrect input and timeout. So if the customer doesn't enter a correct number or take to long, they will take this path:

Now we only need to select which queues to route callers to. This is done by double clicking a queue block and selecting a queue. You can also change the timeout for the queue (meaning how long a caller can stay in line before the call is automatically ended by the system due to Timeout):

The rest of the fields can be left as they are.

Now the IVR is done and we're ready to Save and Publish (any changes saved but not published will not be live in the IVR):

To route incoming calls to the IVR you need to create an Inbound Route, see guide >here<.

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