How do I delete a user/agent in Connectel?

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To completely delete a user/agent in Connectel it is important to understand that users/agents can have access to one or several modules in the platform, e.g. Survey, Portal, Skyview & Insights and Agent/User. The user/agent must be deleted from each of the modules they have access to in the platform to be completely removed.

All users/agents are always created both in Portal and Agent/User, so if you want to delete the user/agent it must be deleted in both places.
Deleting the user/agent from Portal will remove their access to Portal, Skyview and Insights, but not from Survey or Agent/User.

How to delete a User/Agent in the Agent/User module

Click Agent/User on the landing page and go to Staff -> Agents (to delete an agent) or Staff -> Users (to delete a User or Admin - read here to learn more about the difference between a user and an admin).
Only Users with the Role = Admin are able to access Staff -> Users.

Mark the users/agents you want to delete in the check boxes to the left and then click the trash can in the upper right corner:

How to delete a User/Agent in Portal (+ Skyview & Insights)

The next step is to delete the user/agent in Portal, to do this click Portal on the landing page. Click Staff -> Users:

Click the trash can to the right on the user/agent you want to delete:

How to delete a User/Agent in Survey

If the user/agent has access to Survey you must delete the user from Survey as well, to do this click Survey on the landing page. Go to Settings -> Show users:

Click Edit on the user/agent you want to delete:

Then click Delete user:

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