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What is an Outbound Route?

Outbound route is a mechanism to handle outgoing calls based on the dialed phone number. 

When you make an outgoing call, the system analyses the dialed number and routes the call to the respective outbound route. This section covers topics related to managing outbound routes.

How to create an Outbound Route

Go to Voice -> Outbound Routes, then click the plus in the bottom right corner to create a new Outbound Route:

Add the following information:

Phone Number: The number which, when dialed, should match this route.
Phone Number is not limited to single specific number. It can also be a pattern that represents a series of numbers. A phone number is a pattern if it starts with the underscore symbol (_) and is followed by character(s). The most useful characters are:
- X which indicates a number from 0 to 9
- . which matches everything (including e.g. 0-9 or +)
For example, “_3X” means from 30 to 39, or "_." catches all dialed numbers (including e.g. +467.....).

You can read more about Pattern Matching in Asterisk's documentation >here<.
Note that if you are using Pattern matching (e.g. X or .) you need to start with " _", e.g. _010180000X 

Context: from-sip

Recording: Choose format among; none, wav, wav49 or gsm

Cut Digits: insert how many digits of the dialed phone number to be cut automatically (usually same amount as your "Phone Number" - so if "Phone number" is "_33" then this value could be 2, meaning the "33" will always be removed from the beginning of the number)

Company: You can leave this field blank

Alias: (Optional) Give the Outbound route a name

Description: (Optional) Add a clear description explaining what the Outbound route is used for (a good idea is to include number that is shown to customer as part of description)

To route a single number, use e.g. "0101800005", to route multiple numbers in a number series, use e.g. "_010180000X".

Then click Add Outbound Route.

To edit the Outbound route, click the three dots to the right and then Edit Outbound Route:

Under Settings you can edit the fields:

Click Actions:

Drag the Oubound Dial application from the Application List to the left, into the Drag & Drop Routing field on the right. Then Edit the application by clicking the three dots on the right:

Trunk: Select the trunk to dial out from

Caller ID: Choose which number to show when dialing out (you can only choose numbers connected to your trunk). Add the number in the following format "" <XXXXXXXX> as shown below.

Prefix: A number to automatically add in the beginning of the dialed number.
Here is an example:
You have added Cut digits: 1, and Prefix: +46. If the agent dials "0700079370" it will dial +46700079370 when dialing through this Outbound route.

Tags: Optional: Choose what tag the outbound calls on the Outbound route should have.

Timeout: Choose the amount of seconds to dial out before terminating the call.

Options: Read more about options in Asterisk's documentation >here<.

URL: Leave this field empty.

Click Save.

When done editing the Outbound Route, click Save in the top right corner.

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