Out Prefixes

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An Out Prefix lets an agent choose which number to be displayed while making an outbound call. 

Before you create an Out Prefix, you need to create an Outbound Route. Out Prefix will use an Outbound Route.

Under Voice, choose Outbound Routes.

Click on the + icon in the bottom right corner

Fill out the fields. If you type in 4 digits in phone number you need to add 4 in the cut digits field. You can type any number you'd like, for example _3333 or _123. When you are done, click add outbound route.

Click on the 3 dots next to the new route. More options will appear. Select Edit Outbound Route.

Open the Actions tab. You will have action options. Drag and drop the Outbound Dial Action into the list on the right.

Select which Trunk you'd like to use. Your options may differ. Add the number you want to display in the format that is presented. Click save.

Click save in the top right corner.

Next, under Voice select Out Prefixes.

Click on the + icon in the bottom right corner.

Fill out the form, name your Prefix, add the Outbound Route you created and the number you want to display. Click Add Prefix.

Click on the 3 dots to the right. More options will appear. Click on Add Agent to Prefix.

To add an agent, click on a name on the left and they'll appear on the right to have access. In this example, Bruce Wayne is now added to the Prefix. The agents on the left still does not have access. Click save.

When an agent is logged in and making a call, a Prefix option will appear. Select the preferred Prefix and click call.

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