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What are User Profiles?

The User Profiles are designed to allow the Administrator to easily assign specific permissions to one or more Users (supervisors) in the platform according to their usual scope of work and role in the organization. The User Profiles allow the Administrator to save time by giving permissions to a group of Users instead of giving permissions each time they create a new User.

The User Profiles can only be applied on Users, not Agents.

The Administrator is responsible for:

  • creation of a User Profile

  • configuration of a User Profile

  • assigning User Profile to a user/group of users

    How to create a User Profile

    Click Staff -> User Profiles:
    Click the plus in the bottom right corner:

    Choose Name, Description (we recommend giving detailed descriptions so it's clear what the User Profile should be used for) and which default permissions to allow for this User Profile.

    Permission types:

    • Read 
    • Read and Edit
    • Read and Delete
    • Read, Edit and Delete

      Select Mask Sensitive Data
       if you want the Users belonging to this Profile not to see the personal data of the Contacts, such as the telephone number, the Name and the Email address
    The Permission Type specified in this form is automatically inherited by every module, section and resource that will be enabled in the User Profile, unless manually overridden in the configuration of the specific module or section.

    Click Add User Profile:

    How add a User to a User Profile

    To add a User to the User Profile, go to Staff -> Users:

    Click the three dots on the User you want to add to the User Profile and click Edit User:

    Change the User Profile here:

    Then click Save in the top right corner.

    How edit permissions on a User Profile

    To edit the User Profile and specify the permissions for Users in the User Profile, click the three dots to the right of the User Profile. Then click Edit User Profile:

    Click Permissions:

    To give Users in the User Profile full access to a Module or section within the platform, enable here:
    When you give full access the icon will turn green.

    To specify what permissions within the Module that the Users within the User Profile should have access to, click here:

    Click the icons to choose which permissions the Users in the User Profile should have. If the icon is grey the permission has not been given.
    You can override the default permissions inherited by the User Profile, by changing it only for a specific section.
    - 1. Show the section in the User Desktop side menu
    - 2. Read
    - 3. Edit
    - 4. Delete
    Different Modules can show different settings.

    Choose to give the Users access to Agents, Teams or Telephones (sections within this module) by choosing the Section and then moving over e.g. Teams from the left side to the right side, just by clicking on the Team.
    Then click Save:
    The example above gives the Users within this User Profile permission to access, read, edit and delete users within the Teams "Support Team" and "Team Academy".

    Then click Save in the top right corner:

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