How to create a CDR widget in Skyview and Insights

Created by Jens Leijon, Modified on Fri, 16 Jun 2023 at 01:13 PM by Hannah Peters

Our CDR (Call Detail Record) widget shows you real time detailed data about inbound and outbound calls. It allows you to browse and filter unique call details. For example you can show all abandoned calls the last week and the numbers to the customers, or all calls that were marked with the disposition "Sold" and show how long those calls were, or which agent talked to a specific customer.

The widget is a part of our Enterprise solution for Skyview and Insights. If you do not have the Enterprise solution you can try it for 30 days.

How to add and use the CDR-widget:

In Skyview

If you want to add the widget to an existing dashboard, click on the dashboard and then "Add widget" at the bottom of the page.

Name the widget, e.g. "CDR" and choose the Type CDR Table. Then click Save. If you don't have our Enterprise solution you can click "Try it", and then you will be able to try the widget for 30 days

Choose Period and e.g. which queues, members or teams you want to see data from in the widget. Under Metrics choose which metrics you want to show. We chose:
- Unique ID
- Calling number
- Answer time
- End time
- Call duration
- Disposition

- Queue
- Member

- Calls status

Then click Save.

You can search for detailed information in specific calls - e.g. phone number, disposition, call status (Abandoned or Answered)

If you choose the Period Today (live) you can also see calls that are active right now, marked in red:

To edit the widget click on the three dots and then Edit widget

In Insights

Create and edit the widget in the same way as in Skyview. The only difference is that in Skyview the widget will be updated in real time.

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