Thresholds are used to highlight certain metrics in Skyview and Insights. You might want to highlight when you have more than a certain amount of customers waiting in a queue, or if you have more than a certain amount of abandoned calls. With thresholds you can highlight these numbers in different colors.

You create thresholds in Skyview and Insights by following the steps below.

How to create a Threshold

Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the widget you want to edit and then Edit Widget

Hover over the metric you would like to add the threshold to and then click on the pen

Click on Add threshold

Click on the list to choose another rule

Choose a rule, e.g. "Greater than 1". Enable "B" if you want the metric to blink. If "B" is not enabled it will be marked in the chosen color without blinking. Choose which color you want the metric to be marked in.

Now any amount of abandoned calls greater than 1 will be blinking in the color red