This guide will explain how to trigger a popup of the Customer Card when answering a call.

Go to Tools -> Triggers:

Add a new trigger by clicking the + in the bottom right corner. Then name the trigger and click Status to activate the trigger. Click Add trigger:

Click the three dots on the right and Edit trigger:

Go to Conditions & Actions and click the + under "Meet all these conditions":

Choose the following:

Field = Queue
Operator = Equals
Queue = Your chosen queue
Then click Add Condition:

Click the + under "Meet all these conditions" again and choose the following:
Field = Call Status
Operator = Equals
Value = Answer
Then click Add condition:

Scroll down to Actions and click the +:

Fill in the following:

Action = Contacts Manager
List = Your chosen contact list (this is the list the contacts will be added to)

Search fields = e.g. Phone

Create contact automatically = Yes

Autocreate field = e.g. Phone

Ignore dialer conact Id = Yes or No

Then click Add Action:

Click Save: