This article describes how you can show Auto-replies separate from the metric "no specific member" (unassigned emails) in reports and dashboards in Skyview and Insights.

How to separate Auto-replies for reports in Skyview and Insights

In the Admin-interface, go to Email -> Email Accounts

Click on the three dots and Edit Email Account

Go to Actions and click Edit Application on the Auto-Reply application

Click Source

Add the text:

id="auto-replied-mail" in the beginning of the auto-reply (after "<p") Like the Example below and in the image above:

<p id="auto-replied-mail">This is your auto reply</p>
Note that the Source-field will be completely empty if you have no Auto-Reply.

Then Click Save on the application and Save the settings on the Email Account

Now the Auto-replies will be shown as "System generated" under Member in reports and dashboards in Skyview and Insights